Face Painting Practice Board - Vince

WaBByfun Face Painting Practice Board - VINCE

  • R 377.00

The WaBByfun practice boards are made of a semi-hard plastic with a special structure. Brushes and sponges have a perfect grip on them.

They are ultra resistant and extremely easy to clean .

The respective proportions of the faces convey a realistic appearance .

These practice boards are the perfect tool to help you practice, improve your technique and create your own designs!

Take a photo, scan or copy of your painted practice board and immortalise your artistry. Use them online or as an example at face painting parties.

How do you clean these practice boards?

Simply clean your practice board with soap and water and reuse them indefinitely.
Stubborn colour residues can be removed with vegetable oil or, if necessary, with a miracle sponge.

Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)

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