Our revolutionary and beautifully intricate Quick Tattoos are ready-to-use and require no fiddly or messy adhesive! Simply press the design onto clean skin and apply your choice of glitter colours.

Fantastic for special occasions where a high-end result is required. Single use. Long-lasting.

Please note that these temporary tattoos can only be applied to extremely clean cool skin. There must be absolutely no residue of oil, lotion, self-tan, sunscreen makeup etc. We suggest you first wipe the skin with an alcohol swab, obtainable from your pharmacy.  Before removing the backing paper, warm the tattoo in your hands and then flatten it firmly and gently.  This helps the design stick to the transparent top cover, and not to the backing paper.  On a flat surface, carefully remove the backing paper, making sure that the design doesn't stick to the backing paper.  Apply the design to the skin and press firmly.  Carefully remove the transparent top layer.  Apply glitter to the design and press firmly.   Tattoo normally lasts for several days.

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