Diamond FX Face Paint Essential Red

  • R 160.00

Please note: A number of our Essential Red 30g cakes arrived from Diamond FX with the pressed paint drier than usual, and cracked as in the photo.  We are assured that this is considered normal, due to the amount of pigment required for the intense colour, and that is does not detract from the usage of the paint.  As such, we will not be offering returns based on "cracking". 

Diamond FX face and body paints are professional water-activated makeup, with excellent coverage and vibrant opaque colour. 

Activate paint by adding a small amount of clean water to brush or sponge and apply directly to skin, remove paint gently with soap and water.

Allow paint to dry thoroughly before covering to protect from dust and contaminants. 
Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.
Recommended use within 18 months from opening.

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