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Mikim C: Professional Face Painting Kit Paints

MiKim C: Professional Face Painting Kit


  • R 1,785.00

MiKim FX Face Paint can be applied dry as a make-up, or wet as face and body paint.

MiKim FX Face Paint's amazing soft consistency makes blending colours superbly easy.

The colours stay bright on the skin and will not fade, peel or crack.

MiKim C: Professional Face Painting Kit

2 Brushes

  • Prime Art Round #2
  • Prime Art Flat #12

12 TAG Pink Half-Round sponges

10 x MiKim FX 40g matte:

  • F09 Warm Red
  • F07 Dark Pink
  • F05 Orange
  • F03 Yellow
  • F20 Dark Green
  • F15 Blue
  • F11 Purple
  • F22 Red Brown
  • F27 Black
  • F01 White *Out of stock. Substituted with Global Standard White 32g

2 x MiKim FX 40g Metallic colours:

  • S04 Silver
  • S07 Golden

MiKim FX face and body paint has excellent coverage, maintaining brightness and opacity, with lighter colours clearly showing when used over darker colours.

MiKim FX face paints are water-based high-intensity pigments and vibrant colours. They are easy to blend, soft on the skin and do not crack or peel.

All paints are non toxic, skin safe and are compliant with both FDA and EU cosmetic regulations.

Belgium-based MiKim FX is a professional face and body paints supplier.

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