FABArt Face Mask - Outta Space


  • R 55.00

*** Production time around 15 to 20 business days, excluding courier time.  Often sooner, depending on how many orders at our printers ***

Three-Layer Face Mask, locally manufactured to government specification.

Outer Layer - dye sublimated on a polyester material
Centre Layer - protection layer of a non-woven polypropylene
Inner Layer - breathable poly cotton, soft on the skin

Two behind-the-head black elastics for day-long comfort. Can be cut and re-tied if behind-the-ears elastic is preferred. 

Outer layer printed by Dye Sublimation which is the permanent application of ink onto material via high pressure and temperature. The design, logos and numbers are all incorporated into the print, and will not crack or fade. Material remains breathable and comfortable. Unlimited colours. Graphics are sharp and eye-catching. Truly continuous tones that are equivalent to photographs.

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