Dynasty Faux Kolinsky Face Painting Brush Round - PRICED PER SINGLE BRUSH


  • R 98.00

Dynasty Faux Kolinsky Face Painting Brush Round

Price is per single brush.  Click on each size below to see pricing for that size.

FM Brush Company has developed a proprietary blend of Techno-Synthetics that recreate all the attributes of Siberian Sable brushes, but as a socially responsible alternative to animal hair.

The Faux Kolinsky series by Dynasty mimics the elusive natural tip of a Kolinsky brush. Faux Kolinsky offers a close alternative to Fine Kolinsky, with a friendly price point. This Techno-Synthetic material looks and performs like real Kolinsky Sable.

The generous reservoir yields unmatched performance. The brushes are elegant with a cupro-nickel ferrule and long satin black albata handle.

Made by FM Brush and completely assembled in America.

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